9 Reasons to start Process Mining today
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9 Reasons to start Process Mining today

The worldwide interest in Process Mining technology is growing year by year. Process Mining solutions significantly improve business processes in countless industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, telecommunications, audit and banking, consumer goods and many more.

Still, many companies remain unsure whether this technology will actually be of any benefit to them. What’s more, at the moment the question often is “Is now the right time for this investment?”. The answer is that there is no better time to start with Process Mining than today. And for several reasons:

See the process as a whole

No matter the size of a company, processes rarely affect a single department. So you should look at a process as a whole and across departments. Instead of picking apart and trying to analyze fractions of a process, you can use Process Mining to get the entire picture.

Compare theory and reality

Most people think that they know what their processes look like. And in theory there is a process structure that should be followed. However, the reality is much more complex. Before you can start to optimize your processes, it is important to understand whether expectations and reality align. Or more accurately, how and why they differ. Process Mining delivers an objective, fact-based view on your real process. So that you know how reality matches up to your expectations.

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Act instead of reacting

You can detect deviations, bottlenecks, waste, or rework in your processes on a daily basis and immediately intervene to prevent disaster. Instead of noticing that something went wrong when it is already too late and you scramble to pick up the pieces, you proactively shape your processes, stay up-to-date and make informed and calculated decisions.

Help your employees to become process experts

With a lot of people working remotely, it is now more important than ever to provide transparency and help your team to collaborate. Process Mining helps every employee to understand the processes in their specific work area. Then, they can use their individual insight knowledge and expertise as a team to react to problems, drive change and optimize a process in a way that makes sense.

Get your priorities straight

Do you want to waste time to optimize things that already work perfectly fine? When you and your employees have full transparency over what is going on in your business it is much easier to prioritize open tasks. This applies to ongoing optimization projects as well as to sudden urgent events. Is there a supply shortage one of your vendors is struggling with? React immediately to keep your supply chain going. Normal business is running smoothly? Focus on your most urgent long-term optimization projects. Overall you will greatly improve the efficiency of your company with Process Mining.

full transparency

Work in a remote environment

Do you remember the days when people came together in workshops or conducted interviews to find out how they could improve their workflow and processes? These time-consuming and subjective approaches are not only outdated, they are now impossible. As much as we love to chat in person, right now it is best to keep a save distance. The good thing about Process Mining is that it works remotely. Data can be accessed as needed so you can keep everyone safe while still enabling your employees to collaborate on optimization projects.

Make the most of existing investments

You already collect data every day in your operational business, you only need to start using it. When you add Process Mining to you existing infrastructure you take your system to the next level. That’s what we believe and why we implemented PAFnow in Microsoft Power BI. If you already use Microsoft 365 you will get the accelerated power of combined business intelligence, process insights, and optimization features from Power BI, PAFnow Process Mining and the Power Platform. You get insights and can take action directly without getting used to a new environment or setting up a new infrastructure.

Optimize then automate

Automation is the buzzword of the moment. And you likely already wondered what, where and how you could use automation measures in your business. Process Mining helps you in two ways. First, before you automate you should optimize, because a bad, inefficient process remains bad and inefficient even when it runs automatically.
Second, when you know your process and its weak points you can define starting points and an automation strategy. In this way you won’t fall into the automation trap and get the most out of automation investments.

Get a head-start

Process Mining is designed to uncover optimization potential in any business process no matter the industry. By using it today you will get a head-start over your competition when it comes to automation projects, digitalization strategies, efficient process, and empowered employees. You benefit from reduced costs, faster and better processes which in turn lead to a better customer experience, and fact-based decision making in your business.

As you can see, Process Mining can be the GPS for your roadmap to the future, improve your business processes today and be a trusted advisor in you strategy planning and decision-making process. So maybe, instead of asking if now the time is right to invest in Process Mining, you should ask yourself how to get started.

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