6 ways to turn Process Mining into direct improvements
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Six ways to turn Process Mining insights into direct improvement actions

Process Mining is past the stage of only making companies smarter. It’s time to make them better by transforming data into insights and actions. In an ideal scenario a user shouldn’t have to leave the Process Mining application to act on insights but start measures inside the Process Mining application.

Good news! That’s no problem at all! And you don’t even need to get used to a new platform or interface, you can stay within the Microsoft environment you are used to.

The Power of the Power Platform

The Power Platform is an umbrella term that covers four Microsoft products:

  • Power BI – The world’s leading business intelligence analytics service with more than 200 interactive visualizations, enterprise-grade BI capabilities, and over 150 data connectors.
  • Power Apps – One of the world’s leading low-code process modernization apps, offering intuitive drag-and-drop and pre-built AI models for fast ROI
  • Power Automate – formerly known as Microsoft Flow, is all about automation and provides pre-built action connectors for more than 400 apps and services to take immediate action and assist with automation, including RPA
  • Power Virtual Agents – recently launched by Microsoft for business subject matter experts in need of intelligent chatbots without coding.

Theses four components create a game changer technology - the “business platform for everyone” to drive business with data. They provide the ability to easily manage, visualize, automate and analyze data, and can be used with Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365, as well as other third-party apps and other Microsoft services.

What’s missing from the Power Platform is the ability to get an end-to end view on processes. That’s where PAFnow and Process Mining comes in. PAFnow is the first Process Mining software that’s fully integrated into Power BI and the Power Platform. Users gain state-of-the-art Process Mining capabilities in combination with Power Platform’s secret weapon: connectors.

There are two types of connectors in the Power Platform: data source and action.

The first makes it easy to get data from over 150 data sources including SAP, Dynamics, SalesForce, Azure, and Oracle, (find a full list here) into PAFnow to get those precious insights and detailed end-to-end process view. They accelerate any Process Mining Journey by making it incredibly easy and fast to get process insights from data without human bias or error.

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Action connectors are the magic word when it comes to turn these insights into improvement measures. They are the key differentiator when it comes to getting fast ROI from Process Mining investments. Currently the Power Platform contains over 400 action connectors to services and applications that allow users to act in many different ways on process improvement and there are constantly added more.

When they discover a process problem and its root cause, users can choose from this list of connectors to directly start improving their processes from within PAFnow.

The key use cases for process improvement are:

6 key use cases of action connectors
6 key use cases of action connectors

Share & collaborate on tasks: Share and discuss Process Mining insights with your colleagues for example via Teams, Sharepoint or Yammer.

Push Notification & Assign Tasks: Start approval workflows or actions via mobile apps or email

Approve & complete tasks: Use data alerts and connect workflow actions directly to leading ERP/CRM applications, such as SAP, Dynamics, Salesforce, ServiceNow or Workday and many more

Automate & Approve Tasks: Enable hyper-automation and trigger automation actions that leverage RPA and workflow automation. Watch the video to see the combined power of Power Platform and PAFnow in action.

Manage tasks & track progress: Transform Process Mining insights into action items in your favorite project management tool such as Asana, Trello, or Jira

Drive digital transformation: Accelerate your digital transformation by leveraging Power Apps, a leader in low-code application platforms according to Gartner.

Do you want to learn more about the power of action connectors in combination with Process Mining inside Power Platform and experience PAFnow in motion? » Join our webinar to learn:

  • What are the benefits of using Process Mining within the Power Platform.
  • How to automate your business processes directly with Process Mining.
  • Which are the most important action connectors for your Process Mining projects and how they can be used.

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