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We are the Process Analytics Factory (PAF)! Since 2014 we have made it our mission to revolutionize and democratize Process Mining. Our Process Mining Software PAFnow is a direct result of our passion and intensive innovation research. We want to empower our customers as users and process experts to profit from Process Mining. That’s why we focus on making work in data-intensive areas simpler, more humane, more efficient and more up to date.
Our clients come from various work areas and sectors and include digital companies, hidden champions from SMEs and industry as well as listed companies and corporations around the world. Our management and our team stand for a particularly customer-oriented, trustworthy, innovation-driven and practice-oriented business approach. We work at eye level with our customers and their employees to shape the working world of the future.
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What we do

We believe in the power of knowledge. We want to bring it to our customers and incorporate it in our PAFnow Process Mining software.

With PAFnow we empower users to gain full transparency about processes. Companywide or project specific, for large quantities of data or for small optimization projects, every Office 365 user can use our software and tear down the barriers to Process Mining. Due to the integration of PAFnow with Microsoft Power BI you can do much more than just analyze your data. You can collaborate, communicate and directly start optimization measures, when you find optimization potential.

The results from our research projects are directly incorporated into PAFnow, and in combination with our mission to make Process Mining easy, affordable and comfortable we bring the best tools to the right people.

Because we’ve integrated into the world’s leading BI platform, used by millions of users in thousands of companies, there is no better way to Process Mining than ours.

What we do
What we do

Our innovative approach

We play an international leading role in innovation research and development in Process Mining in combination with technologies such as AI, Blockchain, Predictive Analytics, Industry 4.0 / IoT and Robotic Process Automation. Together with partners such as the Technical University of Darmstadt (TUDA) and the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), we have successfully completed 4 research projects and are already working diligently on the next one.
In addition to innovation research, we are particularly focusing on the application of technology in practice. Our passion for Process Mining comes from our expertise in optimization and consulting projects. Since 2008, we have implemented more than 300 projects. When we started to do Process Mining, we already knew, what we were looking for in a great product. Now, we and our numerous partners are constantly working to optimize our solution for all customers.
As a result, we received the BARC Start-Up Award for Analytics and Data Management in 2017 and are listed in “Gartner’s Market Guide for Process Mining” since 2018.


Tobias Rother Founder & CEO

Tobias Rother

Founder & CEO

Dr. Timo Nolle Executive Vice President & CTO

Dr. Timo Nolle

Executive VP & CTO

Pascal Redaoui - VP Finance

Pascal Redaoui

Executive VP & CFO

Jason Wickman - EVP - Sales (North America)

Jason Wickman

EVP - Sales (North America)

Dr. Alexander Seeliger - Chief Scientist

Dr. Alexander Seeliger

Chief Scientist

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