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Advantages of PAFnow


Understand and visualize your current process performance!


Improve your processes through intelligent insights!


Make better decisions – anywhere and anytime!


Improve your productivity by starting concrete actions from within the program!

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Process Optimization

You feel like the processes in your company are not running as smoothly as they should, but cannot say what is causing problems in your process flows? With PAFnow, you will learn how ramified your processes really are. Find insights and trigger actions from within a report to improve business processes, now.

Process Automation

You contemplate investing in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and have individual work steps taken over by a robot? With PAFnow, you avoid implementation errors in advance. In PAFnow selected processes and steps can be improved before RPA implementations. Errors can be avoided in advance. Then, PAFnow hands over process details to RPA to accelerate time to value. Ultimately, maximize your profit while minimizing time.

Process Harmonization

Your business suffers from inefficient and non-uniform processes across different organizational units or companies? With PAFnow you immediately see the difference between “best practice” and “as is” processes. PAFnow creates generates real impact by initiating targeted measures and eliminating the differences to give management more control over operational process performance.


You suspect that set rules and regulations in your company are not complied withfollowed and that you might have a compliance problem? Discover with PAFnow, if rule violations and deviations occur in your process, to ensure the implementation and adherence of compliance regulations in your daily business.

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How we run


Improve Business Processes from your Workplace with PAFnow.


PAFnow extends the market leading BI and analytics platform Microsoft Power BI with state-of-the-art process mining capabilities and exciting new artificial process intelligence features.
Since Power BI is a key component of Microsoft Office 365, PAFnow is one of the most thrilling Enterprise Productivity Tools of the digital workplace, helping users to analyze, continuously improve and manage day-to-day operations of a business, including:
– Easy sharing of PAFnow Process Mining reports directly in Microsoft SharePoint for seamless collaboration
– Quick Insights to find hidden, suspicious process deviations leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence
– Starting actions, such as alerts and workflows, from right within PAFnow reports and dashboards.



You can use PAFnow from anywhere, whether locally or on your mobile device.

On mobile devices

Locally on the desktop

Locally on the server

In the Cloud

Everything under Control with one Solution – Exactly as you Wish.

Independent from
the Source System

Examine any process in your company, since you are not bound to given systems with PAFnow.

The only thing you need to get started with PAFnow, is an event log in CSV format. The PAFnow SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) package, automatically imports the event log to your Microsoft SQL database and prepares it for your process analysis. You can also create your own schedule, specifying when and how often your data should be processed automatically for PAFnow.

Independent from
Process Types

With PAFnow you can improve all IT-supported processes.

Regardless of the industry your examined process belongs to, whether the process is supporting auditing, IT services, financial accounting, production, logistics or sales, you can analyze, manage and improve all your processes with PAFnow.

It´s easy to get started!

Make Use of
PAFnow Content Packs


Getting process intelligence should not be complicated. That’s why we have made it incredibly simple, affordable and comfortable. PAFnow Content Packs help you adapt process mining methods by a push at the button.

PAFnow Content Packs contain data extractors, predefined data models, ETL automation packages and pre-configured reports for specific processes, applications including pre-selected process performance indicators. They work as project accelerators that simplify Process Mining significantly.

PAFnow Content Packs


  • PAFnow Content Pack Purchase-to-Pay for SAP R3 (PAF)
  • PAFnow Content Pack Order-to-Cash for SAP R3 (PAF)
  • PAFnow Content Pack Customer Journey for SAP CRM (FUJITSU)
  • PAFnow Content Pack Meter-to-Cash for SAP R3 (prego services)
  • PAFnow Content Pack Invoice-to-Cash for flowDOCS (flowDOCS)
  • PAFnow Content Pack Artificial Process Intelligence for ServiceNow (Metricus)
  • PAFnow Content Pack Supplier Reliability (WiDePartners, pmOne)


More Content Packs are currently under development in close cooperation with customers and partners from PAFnetwork, a rapidly growing community of process mining enthusiasts, putting Artificial Process Intelligence to work.

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