PAF Presentation at the 8th LOEWE Expert Forum

Intelligent Production Processes

PAF Presentation at the 8th LOEWE-Expert Forum


Darmstadt, 18 July 2018 – Process Analytics Factory was present at the 8th LOEWE Expert Forum 2018 with a presentation on the intelligent collection and use of data for the optimization of value added processes with modern Process Mining Methods. Organizer of the 8th LOEWE Expert Forum on 19 June 2018 in Offenbach were the IHK Hessen innovativ in cooperation with the HA Hessen Agentur GmbH.

The event was held under the motto “Research meets Application – Intelligent Production Processes” and highlighted in particular product innovations and new digital technologies in the areas of product development, production and process management.  Focus of the presentation by Tobias Rother, founder and CEO of the Process Analytics Factory PAF, was the answer to the question of how digital technologies help to optimize production planning processes. At its core, his contribution was about newly developed methods in the field of Artificial Process Intelligence, which aims at understanding and improving process structures of unknown operative data. In addition, Rother talked about the possibility to prepare business processes for digital transformation using these new techniques.

PAF Innovation- and Research Projects in the Field of Process Mining

Tobias Rother, Founder and CEO of PAF at the 8th LOEWE Expert Forum, Photo(s): HA Hessen Agentur GmbH – Dirk Beichert“

With PAFnext, the Process Analytics Factory PAF promotes the research and development of innovative technologies in the field of Artificial Process Intelligence. Within this hands-on innovation research, PAF translates prototypes in the fields of artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, industry 4.0, blockchain and RPA into patentable process mining software solutions. The PAF cooperates with leading research institutes and industrial partners in several innovation projects funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the State of Hesse (LOEWE – State Initiative for the Development of Scientific and Economic Excellence).



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