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PAFnow is the leading Process Mining software implemented in Power BI. Find gems among piles of data, pinpoint processes with 100% accuracy, and drive corrective actions to your business processes.

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Process Mining with the PAFnow tool

PAFnow is a cutting-edge Process Mining software based on Microsoft Power BI.



Using PAFnow feels natural. You will never realize where Process Mining starts and BI ends.



Forget time-consuming interviews and workshops. Process Mining is fast, reliable and easily scalable.



We believe in constant improvement. You profit from our R&D projects in a constantly evolving analytics powerhouse.

How Process Mining works

Process Mining is a movement within the tech industry, seeking to close the gap between BPM and BI.



Identify and analyze your business processes through a visualization of your data



Receive fact-based insights from event logs to make accurate diagnoses for your business processes



Improve the quality of your decisions through continuous monitoring. Increase your productivity with concrete measures in the operative daily business

PAFnow + Power BI = Perfect Match

PAF puts Process Mining where it belongs - into your existing BI and analytics infrastructure!

The Microsoft Power Platform - especially Power BI - keeps empowering people to achieve more with their data. PAFnow infuses the Power Platform with Artificial Process Intelligence. This gives you access to untapped possibilities to improve operational processes with your existing resources.

You own your data. You own your processes. You own your knowledge.

Perfect combination

Microsoft on PAFnow

“The Process Analytics Factory has created a tool that, in the context of digital transformation, demonstrates how disruptive technologies help to optimize even classic business processes in a flash. The intelligent and fully automated process analysis engine adds a new dimension in critical path detection efficiency. The first customer projects show that enthusiasm is almost an understatement. By integrating PAFnow Process Mining with Power BI and SAP®, commissioning without tedious procurement processes is quickly implemented.”

Digital Business Architect
Microsoft Deutschland GmbH